“Met kleur geef ik sturing aan mijn leven, ontwikkel ik mijn unieke persoonlijkheid. Dat is een voortgaand proces, het is levenskunst die ik graag op inspirerende en liefdevolle wijze aan anderen overdraag door kleur in levens te brengen.”

Louise Schoon Color To Move

Born in 1959, I loved being creative with colours and shapes from a young age. That stopped when I took on the role as a carer. After a color and style advice in 1998 I rediscovered my talent and started to develop my creativity further.

Now, I bring color into the lives of others in an enthusiastic, honest and loving way; I love painting portraits, because I love how so many things are reflected in someone’s face. Recently, I have also focused on making abstract work.

In addition to painting workshops for adults, I also gave painting lessons to young children with great pleasure for a number of years. Their boundless imagination – based on a clear structure – has been a major source of inspiration for me. I like projects that involve making colourful things with groups of children or adults.


My personal work varies from icons to film figures and from chakras to abstract. People and faces have always fascinated me, more than nature for example. There is a personal story or ancestry visible in the face. I try to capture and shape that personal appearance, color and energy.


When people commission me for an artwork, I usually don’t agree on a specific style beforehand; this is because I work very intuitively and love seeing what arises in the moment. By working this way, I know how to touch the core of the subject I am painting. There is always personal contact before I start working on a commission.


After a color/style advice in 1998 I became a different person. I was forced to look at my face, the most personal part of a human’s body. I sat down behind the mirror and actually hated what I saw. But that changed when the colours were added. It was as if I saw myself for the first time, as if I became aware of myself for the first time.

I decided to train as an colour and style consultant with ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ (?) so that I could help others to feel and look their best. I can give you inspiration with colour and styling to subtly change or completely transform your look, your confidence or even your life.

Paneel Kleuradvies (c) Color To Move Louise Schoon

During a color & style consultation, I will show you what supports your face, but also what drowns you out. You are going to see which colours and styles are best suited to you and how to use them in your wardrobe.

It also includes a make-up lesson where you will learn about your best make-up colours that suit your skin tone along with application techniques.

In addition to this, I will paint a panel of 40 x 40 cm for you in your own personal colours for you to take home.

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Paneel voor Kleuradvies (c) Color To Move Louise Schoon
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