“The art of living is doing; Do it with a smile. Do it with a kiss. Do it with tears. And keep on doing. Do it in silence, do it with a scream. Do it with love. Do your part; the art of living is doing.”



Papa en Mama gaan trouwen - Karen Wurpel & Louise Schoon

For the edition “Papa and Mama are getting married” by Karen Wurpel I made six illustrations. Stijntje and Sieb’s mom and dad have known each other for exactly 12 years and decide to get married. The book was published in 2014.

Het Wijze Konijn | Stichting Nieuw Nederlandse Sprookjes & Louise Schoon

In 2012 I produced more than 90 illustrations for the fairy tale book “The Wise Rabbit”. Women who grew up in different countries and later came to the Netherlands tell fairy tales from their youth.


I also work together with schools, companies and organisations on various art projects. Such as for the Catholic Montessori School in Bussum, which celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2017. All the children from the school made a different panel with the help of an instruction-video that I made. It featured a sunflower from Van Gogh, a bird from Corneille or a line painting from Mondrian. All panels together form an art work of sixteen meters!

Kunstmuur bij KMS Bussum
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